Yin & Yang are two principles in Chinese philosophy, one meaning negative and dark, the other positive and bright. We believe our role is to bring more of the Yin and avoid suppliers and clients suffering from more of the Yang.

We are a team of professional Fresh Produce and Food Industry experts with over 50 years’ collective experience in the Middle East food industry. We provide a truly independent appreciation of product quality. We seek to avoid subjective assessments and whenever possible apply rigorous and objective assessments to the inspections we undertake.

We consider it our role to maintain and support a healthy bridge between supplier and client and seek to add value to the chain by providing independent and trusted assessments in order areas of potential dispute are smoothly settled. Disputes can be timely and costly, our reporting and methodology seeks to provide the information to settle all matters amicably and fairly for all parties (Yin) saving everyone concerned money and energy sapping mental energy (Yang).